"India Health Foundation, founded in 2003 is a humanitarian organization dedicated to the health and well being of those we serve"

Our Mission is to provide accessible and compassionate health care to individuals regardless of cast, creed, economic situation, or sexual preference. This care is given in a welcoming, safe, and hygienic environment that serves the patient with compassion and dignity.


Women and Children are a particularly vulnerable segment of society. Discrimination and economic pressures prevent or inhibit their access to health care and health education.

At Shaktishifa we work diligently to address the special issues faced by women and empower them to care for themselves and their children.

Give the Gift of Health to...

  • India Health Foundation is a 501 c (3) non-profit registered in the United States of America
  • Celebrate Weddings, Birthdays, and Special Occasions
  • Remember a Loved One
  • Extend Appreciation
  • Make a Difference in a Life

  • Living Conditions:
    The development and health of many children is challenged by the substandard conditions they live in.

  • Empowering Girls:
    Girls have special challenges in a traditional, yet changing society. Education about one's body is a key to empowerment.

  • Working Poor:
    Many of our patients work every day of their lives. An illness can devastate not only a worker but his entire family.

  • Eager to Learn:
    Children learn quickly and are eager to share their knowledge with others. Health Education is easily absorbed by young minds.